Check out our list of 5 free audio plugins you can download right now. 

Looking to cook up some beats, but you're on a budget, just starting out or just straight up don't want to spend any cash? This list is for you!



Synth - u-he TyrellN6 Virtual Analog Synth

Lets start off with one of our favorites- The powerful TyrellN6 Analog synth from u-he is an amazing synth for the price (Free you say??) that boasts 2 oscillators, noise and ring modulator, a couple of LFO's, ADSR envelopes and 580 presets.

Some pretty cool bass patches, synth leads and much much more included with this beast.

Download TyrellN6 Here


EQ - TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records

The TDR Nova is a versatile EQ with a full parameter dynamics section. Most free EQ's can't boast the beautiful GUI that the Nova brings, with it's slick knobs, and simple drag and drop interface. This EQ comes equipped with parametric and dynamic EQ's, multiband and wideband compression.

Download TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records Here


Compressor - Rough Rider 2 by AudioDamage

AudioDamage's RoughRider 2 is a fairly aggressive compressor with a distinct vintage flavor. Everything you need in a basic compressor plugin with a fairly decent looking GUI, simple but easy to use controls, and some decent presets.

If you're unfamiliar with compressors and what they do, scroll through the settings on a track (try a kick drum track first) to get a feel for what this awesome freebie can do, and play around with the ratio, attack and release knobs to see the effects it'll have.

Download Rough Rider 2 Compressor Here

Synth - Tone2 Firebird 2 

This powerful free synth from Tone2 is super easy to use and program, with a beautiful yet simple interface. This synth has been around FOREVER (the original Firebird was released in 2004!) It's such a classic that even Windows Vista supports it. 437 unique built in sounds, you'll find yourself using this classic synth a lot.

Download Firebird2 from Tone2 Here 


Reverb - Voxengo OldSkoolVerb Plus

Yet another classic, and we had to include at least one reverb plugin on this list. Voxengo has a bunch of other great plug ins, which we'll cover in the future, but for now, if you're looking for a simple to use, decent looking reverb plugin, OldSkoolVerb has you covered. Plate, Room, Hall & Stereo verbs will cover the bases, and it's fairly detailed adjustable parameters are there if you need to dig even deeper. Simple yet effective.

Download Voxengo OldSkoolVerb Here


Happy Producing!

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